Necklace mini audio recorder 20 hours

Necklace mini audio recorder 20 hours

  • Mini recorder up to 20 hours of recording
  • Two recording modes: continuous recording or sound detection
  • Very discreet and light
  • A very powerful microphone with excellent sound quality
  • Ability to listen to recordings without connecting to a PC (headphones)
  • Simple to use
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Necklace mini micro discreet recorder

Are you looking for a small, discreet, easy to hide and efficient recorder that ensures quality recording?

Despite a small size, this micro voice recorder is capable of recording up to 20 hours.

You can use it to do continuous recording or use the sound detection recording option.

Ideal for recording your important conversations and important meetings.

Thanks to its internal memory you can store up to 96 hours of recordings.

How to use the discreet recorder

It is possible to charge the product directly via your computer or on a power outlet.

To start a recording, switch the OFF button to ON, once your recording is finished switch the button to OFF.

To listen to your audio recordings, plug it into your computer or listen directly through the headphones provided.

Transfer to computer

The microphone has a supplied cable that allows easy transfer from or to a Windows® PC or a Macintosh® computer.


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